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BlueStone 3D Labz Pvt. Ltd. is a company with a focus on offering solutions in 3D Technologies such as 3D Software, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. To that effect we offer solutions for various verticals such as arts, architecture, product design, education, and jewelry.

3D Software
Our solutions in 3D Software include various software for Artistic CAD, Rhino and Plugins and 3D Printing. We offer solutions on products including but not limited to Rhino, V-Ray, RhinoGold, Flamingo, JewelCAD, VisualARQ, Rhino 3DPRINT and ZBrush. We also offer services for 3D Artistic modeling and Busts Modeling

3D Printing
Our solutions in 3D Printing include FDM based technologies. We represent manufacturers from US, Europe and China as their authorised distributors for 3D Printers in India. We offer 3D Printing services. Through our division,, we also offer 3D Printed Arts and Decor for sale.

3D Scanning
Our solutions in 3D Scanning include technologies which are Laser and Structured Light. We represent David Scanners as their reseller in India. We offer 3D Scanning services in our office in Mumbai. We focus on 3D scanning of Art Objects.

Our customers include some of the largest and best known brands from industries we focus in. BlueStone was founded in the year 2003. Based out of Mumbai, our story began when we first deployed Rhino a 3D Modeling software in the jewelry industry around the same time. BlueStone stands for the rarest of the rare diamond. We aim for our service quality to reflect the same.

Allied Sites

- is an online store for purchase of 3D Printed home decor products having a theme of Indian spirituality.

- is an online store for purchase of 3D Printed busts of eminent international personalities and for offering bust creation services of your near & dear ones.

- is the site of our training institute, viz. BlueStone Institute of Design.


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